Battery Cycle Life – Take Sony VAIO PCG-V505 Battery for Example

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For laptop users, how long the battery life is for the laptop computer is an important question they may ask. Before a battery can no longer hold a useful amount of charge, the total numbers of discharge-charge cycles a battery can yield is called “Battery Cycle Life”.

Let’s take Sony VAIO PCG-V505 Battery for example, it’s a difficult to estimate the cycle life of this rechargeable Li-Ion battery because there are several factors that may affect the battery cycle life is, such as the average “temperature” of the battery when operating and the “energy discharge rate”. The higher temperatures & energy discharge rates, the shorter VAIO PCG-V505 battery cycle life.

The operating temperature of the Sony laptop battery depends on:

  • Air temperature
  • heat generated by the notebook itself
  • by its immediate environment, such as a docking station.

The energy discharge (drainage) rate depends on:

  • the type of applications running on the notebook, ex:  gaming, or watching DVD movies drains the battery faster and decreases its cycle life more than running word processing applications.
  • the power management settings of the notebook computer.

Discharge Cycle of a Battery

A cycle for a rechargeable lithium-ion battery is the cumulative amount of discharge approximately equal to its full charge capacity. For example, 10 occurrences of a 10% depth of discharge or 2 occurrences of a 50% depth of discharge represent one cycle.

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