Dell 4R084 modular bay battery

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For some laptop systems, the laptop manufacturers, such as Fujitsu & Dell, offer a battery that can be used in the modular bay (optical drive media bay such as DVD/CD drive bay) to extend your notebook’s battery life over the single battery configuration. This enables the use of two batteries for a laptop and potentially extends the available run time.

If a secondary modular bay battery is installed, it will be used first, and then the system automatically switches to the primary battery. This is a deliberate design to allow the most amount of run time to remain in the primary battery in case the modular bay battery is removed and replaced with an optical drive.


This is a 48 WHr 6-Cell Secondary Modular Bay Battery for Dell.

Dell 4R084 Secondary Modular Bay Battery

Dell 4R084 Secondary Modular Bay Battery

Product Specifications:

Part#: Dell 4R084 (Secondary Modular Bay Battery)
Rating: 11.1V
Capacity: 48 Whr
Size: 5.17″ x 5.66″ x 0.57″
Color: Grey
Technology: Lithium-Ion
Dell Part Numbers: 312-0102, 312-0085, 4R084, 5P171, 0M787, 7P806, 9X001, 312-0069, 312-0122, 310-4345, 310-9124.

Compatible Models
Dell Inspiron 500m Dell Inspiron 600m Dell Inspiron 8500
Dell Inspiron 8600 Dell Latitude ATG D620 Dell Latitude D500
Dell Latitude D510 Dell Latitude D520 Dell Latitude D600
Dell Latitude D610 Dell Latitude D620 Dell Latitude D630
Dell Latitude D630c Dell Latitude D630N Dell Latitude D631
Dell Latitude D631N Dell Latitude D800 Dell Latitude D810
Dell Latitude D820 Dell Latitude D830 Dell Latitude D830N
Dell Precision M20 Dell Precision M2300 Dell Precision M4300
Dell Precision M60 Dell Precision M65 Dell Precision M70

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