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Sony VGP-BPS5 Battery is a typical lithium-Ion battery which can last around 300-500 charge cycles (a charged and a discharged). The most important of taking care of your Sony VGP BPS5 battery is to avoid fully charging it too often because this will put too much additional strain on the VGP-BPS5 laptop battery. Frequent partial discharges and recharges are better than a deep one, and recharging a partially charged Li-Ion battery does not cause harm since there is no memory effect. Although Sony VGP-BPS5 battery does not have memory effect, short discharges with subsequent recharges do not provide periodic calibration needed to synchronize the fuel gauge with the battery’s state of charge.  Fully discharge and recharge every 30-50 charges can fix the problem. Letting the VGP-BPS5 battery run down to the cut-off point in the equipment will do this. If ignored, the fuel gauge will become increasingly less accurate.

Under normal circumstances, the Sony VGP-BPS5 battery can keep connected with the laptop since there will be no further charge once it is fully charged. However, sometimes it could cause malfunction of the AC adapter, the laptop, or the VGP-BPS5 battery itself, and it might make the battery overheated that short battery life is mainly caused by heat. If you usually use your VGP-BPS5 laptop battery with the adapter no matter the battery is fully charged or not, or you reply on your Sony VGP-BPS5 laptop battery for your main power, the VGP-BPS5 will only last for around 15-18 months. The battery pack will not die suddenly but it would begin with reduced run time.

If you do not use the VGP BPS5 battery for several weeks, just keep it cool by placing it in the refrigerator, but do not freeze it. For the best, store it at 40% state-of-charge.


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