How to get the most out of Toshiba PA3399U battery pack

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Toshiba PA3399U Battery is for used with Satellite A100, A105 & Satellite M40 Laptop which can be recharged about 500 times when used as directed. If the battery pack runs out shortly after fully recharging the battery, it may needs to be replaced. Here is some interesting tips for caring the Toshiba laptop battery pack.

Charging tips for the Toshiba PA3399U battery pack

  1. Battery packs are usually comes in discharged condition. Therefore, you must charge the battery fully before using your Toshiba laptop.
  2. Totally discharging the battery pack before charging, will allow the battery pack to be charged to its highest capacity.
  3. When the battery pack runs out, connect the AC adaptor for Satellite A100 or other compatible adapter to recharge the battery.
  4. When not in use, the battery slowly discharges. When not in use for a long period, the battery may be completely discharged.
  5. Connect the AC adaptor when the Toshiba Power Saver Utility or Windows Power Management alarm reminds you that the battery is running out.
  6. A battery pack is charged to its full capacity if charged under room temperature. The recommended charging temperature is 10 to 30 degrees C.

Checking the remaining capacity

  1. Use the Toshiba Power Saver Utility in the Control Panel under "Start/Setting" to check the status of the battery and power management settings
  2. The remaining battery capacity can be read from the icon on the task bar.

Maximizing the operating time of the Toshiba PA3399U battery pack

  1. Enable standby / hibernation and turn your Toshiba computer off when not in use.
  2. Use the Toshiba Power Saver Utility to set the power consumption to the minimum value.

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Specification for Toshiba PA3399U Battery
Cell Type: Li-ion, 6 cells
Voltage: 10.8V (compatible with 11.1V)
Capacity: 4400mAh
UL certificated cells inside!
Brand New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible.

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