How to maximize the discharge time of the ThinkPad X60 battery?

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How can I maximize the discharge time of the ThinkPad X60 Battery?

The discharge time of IBM ThinkPad Laptop Battery will vary by user. It depends on the features you are using in your laptop computer during the time you are using the battery. Watching a DVD/movie on laptop or connecting to a wireless network,  these are consuming power more and the life of your laptop rechargeable batteries will be shorter than just reading documents or replying emails.

Please note that your maximum discharge time will shorten as the storage capacity decays.


Here are some tips for maximizing discharge time / experiencing longer battery life:
  • Lower the brightness on the LCD display.
  • Check the Power Management settings are set to “Max Battery”.
  • Remove the battery from the notebook PC when it is not being used or charged for a long period. Use a correct AC Adapter for Thinkpad X60 whenever it’s possible and that can help you get a better life out of the X60 40Y7003 battery as well.
  • Purchase another battery to extend the overall operating time on battery. But do not buy a spare battery if you don’t really need it. Batteries die over time.
  • Keep away from Heat: Store the battery in a cool dry location.


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