If I overcharge my laptop battery, will it be damaged?

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For laptop users, there might be a question inside of their minds: Is it harmful to overcharge laptop’s battery?

For Li-Ion laptop batteries (almost all the laptop batteries now are lithium-ion), there is a built-in controller inside the battery module and  that chip controls how much they are should be charged. Once the battery is fully charged, it will stop the charging process. Therefore, overcharging does not affect the life span other than potentially destroying the battery. Damage to the battery from overcharging would only occur in the very unlikely event of a malfunction of the charging system.


However, there is one thing to be noticed. Over-charging occurs when the charger keeps the battery at a temperature that is warm to touch (body temperature) while in ready condition. If the lithium-based battery gets warm in a charger, there might be defects of the battery or the charger is not good. Replace the laptop battery or charger once it happens.


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