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As rechargeable batteries, laptop batteries would lose their ability to hold a full charge gradually, and Sony VAIO VGN-TX battery is no exception. To recondition calibrate your Sony VGN-TX battery can help improve the battery cell performance. Although it’s impossible to make a used battery like a new one, at least the battery life can be a little longer. The instructions are as the following:


a)      Insert the Sony VAIO VGN-TX battery into your laptop. Plug the laptop in and allow the battery to fully charge (the battery indicator light turns off on most laptops when the battery is completely charged), and then restart the laptop.

b)      Disable hibernation of your VAIO VGN TX laptop temporarily.

c)       Discharge the VGN-TX battery. Take Windows XP for example, click on “Control Panel,” “Performance and Maintenance”, “Power Options”, and then “Power Schemes”. Make a note of the settings under the “Plugged In” and “Running on Batteries” columns so you can reset them later.

d)      Set all six options to “Never” from the drop-down lists. Click “OK” to save the settings and disable power management

e)      Unplug the laptop, but do not turn it off. Run the laptop until the Sony VAIO VGN-TX notebook battery is completely discharged and the laptop shuts down.

f)       Plug the laptop back in, allow it to fully charge again, then restart the computer. Enable hibernation, and then enter your original performance settings in “Power Schemes”.



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