Sony PCGA Bp2NX Battery – How to Be Calibrated?

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Calibrating the Sony PCGA-BP2NX battery (for Sony VAIO PCG-FR33/B, VAIO PCG-K12 laptops) once or twice a month can make the battery hold its capacity and even extend its life. To keep the best performance of Sony PCGA BP2NX laptop battery lets you not need to always worry about your PCGA BP2NX laptop battery decreasing and not need to buy a new laptop battery soon.

Sony PCGA-BP2NX battery, just like VAIO PCG-V505 laptop battery, can be calibrated by the following steps:

a) Charge your PCGA BP2NX battery fully by installing it in your Sony VAIO laptop and plug your laptop with an AC adapter. Please note that the battery bar have to be completely full and chargers connector light has to be green.

b) Then keep your PCGA-BP2NX Li-Ion battery together with your VAIO notebook, and plug in for another 2 hours.

c) Remove the power cord, and use your VAIO laptop with the BP2NX battery until your laptop fall asleep because of low power.

d) Turn off your Sony VAIO computer, and not to turn on it again at least in the following 5 hours

e) Plug your VAIO laptop with the power adapter again and fully charge it.

f) Finally, you have finished your Sony PCGA-BP2NX battery calibrating procedure.

It is a good way to prolong your PCGA BP2NX battery life and you can get the most performance out of it by calibrating the Sony laptop batteries regularly. If you would like to make the most use of your Sony PCGA-BP2NX battery, you should try it!

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