Things You Need to Know about Sony VAIO PCG-V505 Battery

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As a rechargeable Li-Ion laptop battery, Sony VAIO PCG-V505 battery gradually loses its ability to hold a full charge like that it is a whole new battery, and when the PCG V505 battery is charged, it takes less time to go from 0 to 80% than from 80% to 100%. Do you know why? Here are some interesting and important things for you to know your laptop battery better.

a)      How long does a Sony VAIO PCG V505 laptop battery last?

Typically, just like IBM Thinkpad T60 Battery and other laptop batteries, a Sony PCG-V505 battery can hold 300 – 400 charge cycles. A charge cycle means using and recharging 100% of battery capacity.

b)      Why does the Sony PCG-V505 battery hold less capacity after being used for a period?

The electrons flow between the anode and the cathode when you are using your laptop battery. After using the battery time after time, the lithium gets bound up on one side or the other, and the electrons cannot be efficiently moved anymore.

c)       Why does the last 10% battery charge take longer time than that charging the first 90%?

Because when the battery is low, we need it to be charged faster to prevent from that the power consuming is faster than power charging, and at the last bit of charging, it backs off for more rate of charge. It can help the longevity of the PCG V505 Li-Ion battery.

d) Is the cell numbers important for the PCG-V505 battery capacity?

The cell numbers stand for how much battery life a laptop can use, but watt-hours or Amp-hours determine the capacity of batteries. For example, 2 manufacturers have 6 cells PCG-V505 battery, and one of the battery has 4400mAh capacity while the other has 4800mAh. Both of them are 6-cell, but 4800mAh can be used a little long than 4400mAh.

If you would like to buy a new battery, you need to look at watt-hours or Amp-hours as well as the cell numbers.

e) Can we trust a third-party manufactured PCG V505 battery replacement?

No matter a third-party laptop battery or an OEM Sony VAIO battery, the most important point is not to purchase the batteries from any unknown source. Thank to the advanced technology, many third-party manufacturers can manufacture laptop battery replacements similar to the original PCG V505 battery. Some manufacturers make the battery replacements with high quality cells while some do it with poor battery cells, and the quality of the battery cells will affect the batteries’ life.

Although there’s some risk to purchase third-party V505 battery, the price of the replacements is much lower than the OEM ones. If you would like to save money and buy high quality battery for your Sony VAIO PCG-V505, you can choose a trusted seller who have a fine reputation, and is willing to provide at least 1 year warranty that they can take the risk for you.

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