Thinkpad X60 Battery CALIBRATING

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Plugging your Thinkpad x60 battery40Y7001 all the time will shorten your battery life. There is an application called “cocunut battery“ that can help you inspect your battery life.

How is your IBM Thinkpad X60 Battery(40Y7001) condition?

Fortunately, there is a quick tip that can help you maintain your ThinkPad laptop battery life f – by calibrating your batteries every month or two.



  1. Charge the laptop battery until it’s fully charged
  2. Keep the fully charged state for two hours or more
  3. Disconnect power adapter
  4. Use your 40Y7001 battery until it goes to sleep (empty state)
  5. Leave it for five hours or longer
  6. Connect the power adapter and charge the battery until it’s full

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