Toshiba A105 Battery – How to Avoid Overheat?

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As a Lithium-Ion Battery, Toshiba A105 laptop battery has a great power-to weight ratio because it has longer run time that it holds more power with a charge, and  Toshiba A105 battery is also light and doesn’t have memory effect. Besides of the good points, the defect of Toshiba A105 is that if it is short-circuit, it could overheat and causes failure or shorten the battery life; even more, the overheating could cause fire since Li-Ion batteries contain an electrolyte dissolved in a high flammable solvent.


Being a laptop battery, overheating is a very common issue on Toshiba A105 Li-Ion notebook battery. Since it could be very serious to make our laptop battery and laptop overheated, we need to know what causes overheating and how to prevent from it.


Usually overheating is not due to poor design, it is often caused when we make the AC power adapter plug in, and we install the A105 battery in the Toshiba laptop at the same time. The laptop would be hotter when using the AC adapter and the Toshiba A105 battery together than using the adapter and battery independently.  To lessen the chances of overheating by this factor, remove the Toshiba A105 battery or the AC charger after the battery has been fully charged.

If you feel your laptop consistently hot, remove the Toshiba A105 battery right away to cool it down first, and when it’s close to the room temperature, re-insert it into your notebook. If the battery becomes very hot again, it might be defective that it probably needs to be replaced.


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