Acer Aspire One D250 Review & Aspire One D250 Battery

Most people are using laptops for checking email, and browsing the internet, something which you don’t need an uber-power laptop for. So, due to the size and inexpensive pricing, netbooks is gradually become a mainstream. Acer Aspire One is the most popular netbook on the market. The 10.1″ netbook, Acer Aspire One D250 ( AOD250-1165), is just 1″ thin and under 3 lb. The AOD250 is sleek, slim and attractive. Furthermore, not only does it have Windows 7 Starter Edition installed, it’s also the first Android netbook.
Acer Aspire One 250

Acer Aspire One 250



  • 3G Ready
  • Nice screen
  • Good keyboard


  • Battery life is short


The Acer Aspire One D250 is a nice netbook that is lacking in the battery life department. Therefore, if you are looking for a better battery life, you’d better get a spare Acer Laptop Battery. In the market, there are 3 selections of Aspire One D250 Battery you can choose, 2200mAh, 4400mAh and 7200mAh, in blue and white color.

The Original Part Numbers of Aspire One D250 Batteries:


934T2780F BT.00607.042
LC.BTP00.017 LC.BTP00.018
UM08A31 UM08A51
UM08A71 UM08A72
UM08A73 UM08A74
UM08B31 UM08B51
UM08B71 UM08B72
UM08B73 UM08B74


The battery is also compatible with Acer Aspire One A110, Aspire One A150, Aspire One D150 & Gateway LT1001 Laptops

Tips for Keep Your Aspire One D250 Batteries Going for As Long As Possible:

  1. Close the applications you are not using. It will only exhaust your power.
  2. Tune down the volume of your laptop speaker, or put it into mute will save some energy.
  3. Turn off the auto-save feature of your unit if not necessary. Frequent saving may overwork your hard drive.
  4. Avoid multimedia activities (video, games). They drain laptop batteries super fast.


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