Compaq 8510 Battery – How to extend laptop battery life?

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To make your Compaq 8510 battery last longer, there are some tips you need to know:

a) If you are not going to use your Compaq 8510 laptop battery for a long time (like a week or longer), remove the battery pack from your Compaq 8510.

b) Plug the AC adapter of Compaq 8510 laptop computer into a UPS instead of into a power outlet or surge protector directly.

c) When the first time using, completely charge and discharge your new Compaq 8510 notebook battery for 3 cycles to condition it for full capacity.

d) Like other laptop batteries, do not overcharge the Compaq 8510 battery and do not leave it in a place with very high heat or freezing temperatures since heat makes the Compaq 8510 battery discharge quickly and cold temperatures make it not able to create as much power as it originally can.

e) Remove the Compaq 8510 battery for your laptop when you are using an AC power adapter powering your Compaq 8510 laptop. If the Compaq 8510 battery is left in the laptop when you are using an AC adapter for a long time, the battery life would be reduced.

f) If your Compaq 8510 works as a desktop replacement with a power cord, your Compaq 8510 battery should be re-installed into the laptop every three to four weeks and fully discharge.

g) Set “Standby Mode” when you are going to be away from the laptop for a short time. This will turn off your monitor and hard disks when you are away, and when you come back to your Compaq 8510, it comes out of the standby mode quickly.

h) Use “Hibernation Mode” to save power when you are going to leave your laptop for an extended while. This will make your Compaq 8510 shut down to save power and save everything in memory on the hard disk, and when you restart your laptop; it will be restored exactly as you left it. Similar with tip g, tip h is to save power while you are away from your Compaq 8510, and if you can always make your Compaq 8510 laptop battery be discharged slowly, it would not be recharged too often that you can use it longer. A Li-Ion laptop battery usually holds 300 to 500 charge cycles.

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