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Thinkpad X60 Battery CALIBRATING

Plugging your Thinkpad x60 battery40Y7001 all the time will shorten your battery life. There is an application called “cocunut battery“ that can help you inspect your battery life. How is your IBM Thinkpad X60 Battery(40Y7001) condition? Fortunately,...

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IBM 40Y7001 Battery Introduction and Tips

An IBM 40Y7001 battery can replace 40Y6999, 40Y7003, ASM 92P1170, ASM 92P1174, FRU 92P1163 (not supported on the X60), FRU 92P1165 (not supported on the X60), FRU 92P1167, FRU 92P1169, FRU 92P1171, FRU 92P1173, FRU 92P1227 batteries, and it can work with...

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